Body Worn Cameras Panel

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Each body worn camera added runs independently and manages all error logging, job operation completion times, and other information for its own computer platform and file systems.

Keep the following in mind when working with the Management Console:

The first time that the Management Console is opened, the left pane is empty. Before accessing any of the tabs, cameras will need to be added. See Add Body Worn Camera.
Body Worn (BW) cameras are visible to all computers in the Information Repository that are running the Management Console and have appropriate permissions.
Because cameras are added across the entire Information Repository, other users can change camera details while you are working in the Management Console. To ensure that you are viewing the most current list of cameras, click the Refresh button from the toolbar.

If multiple people in your organization create or modify camera details, do not attempt to make changes at the same time. Doing so may cause someone's work to be unintentionally overwritten.

The left panel in the Management Console is the Body Worn Cameras Panel. This panel lists all of the added BW cameras.

The Body Worn Cameras Panel toolbar, located at the bottom of the panel, consists of the following buttons:

- Add a new camera. The button becomes available when the Cameras heading or an individual camera is selected.

See Add Body Worn Camera for more information on adding body worn cameras.

- Delete the selected camera. The button becomes available when an individual camera is selected.

Cameras can also be deleted by right-clicking on an individual camera and selecting Delete.

- Refresh the camera list to see the latest list of added cameras.

- Save all camera settings.

Clicking on Body Worn Cameras heading will collapse and expand the accordion. When Cameras is selected, a list of added cameras along with configurations will be displayed in the right pane. When an individual camera is selected, the management tabs will be displayed in the right pane.

Workflow - Body Worn Cameras

1.From your suite of product applications, open the Management Console application (ManagementConsole.exe). For further explanation of how to launch applications using different operating systems, see Getting Started.
2.Click Body Worn Cameras to expand the panel.
3.Add a body worn camera by right-clicking on Cameras and choosing Add Camera from the shortcut menu or clicking the green plus sign located at the bottom of the panel.

If the green plus sign at the bottom of the panel is grayed out, make sure either Cameras or one of the individual cameras is already selected to make the option available.

4.Select a camera.
5.Work through the management tabs to set various information and guidelines.
6.(Optional) Save, restore, or copy camera configurations using the import and export camera configuration options.