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In Depth

Phoenix VCM™ is uniquely designed to support production video workflows –from content to storage– and efficiently and effectively manage the continually growing pool of production videos that entertainment industry organizations create and need to manage.

   An All-In-One Solution
Video Content Management (VCM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Media Asset Management (MAM) all in one easy to use software solution. Customize to fit your specific and unique needs.

   Utilize Existing Storage Assets
Migrate and replicate your video files to take advantage of all the storage media available throughout your organization with multi-tiered – including offline – storage management.

   Low-Resolution Companion Files
Low-resolution companion files minimize the need to access the high-quality original video until specifically required. And low-resolution companion files take up far less disk space, allowing for a significantly larger time frame of video to be recorded on primary hard disk storage.

   Extensive Metadata
Perform content-based search queries against event metadata that is archived by the customer-extendable Phoenix VCM Metadata capabilities.

   Export Segment Clips
Mark start and stop points to create video segment "clips" for quick and easy export.

   Short- and Long-Term Retention
Don't overwrite or lose your video. Get 90-day, 180-day, and even longer-term retention, along with low-res companion files.

   Create Log Entries for Video
Video-associated log entries for specific clips allows a user to add and save notes about the content of the video that is being viewed.

   Manage All Forms of Digital Media and Documents
Easily manage video, audio, stills, Script files, Word, PDF, Excel, etc.

   Support for Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut, and Adobe Premiere
Export video directly to a number of third-party video editing programs.

Supports a mix of machines running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

   Save Money
Multi-tier storage management and data policies automatically move your video to less expensive storage mediums, including LTO digital tape and Blue-ray optical, which greatly lowers your per-gigabyte storage costs. The intuitive Phoenix VCM applications let end users find what they need, cutting administrative and support requirements.

Just Released

Phoenix VCM, version 7.0, is now available. Check out all of the new features that are included with this version.

New Features

How do we do it?

The Phoenix Information Repository - an efficient, structured, searchable environment for managing and storing online, near-line, and offline digital assets.

Video Lifecycle Management - utilize user-defined policies to seamlessly move and manage digital assets.

Ingest - locate and identify digital assets that match policy criteria and move or replicate them.

Powerful Search Tools - find and retrieve digital assets from across the enterprise.

Effective and Efficient System Management - a system that is infinitely scalable and based on a distributed, federated architecture.


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