Phoenix Thunderbird™

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Phoenix Thunderbird surveillance appliances are powered by the surveillance video management software Phoenix RSM™. The software is included with the Phoenix Thunderbird and uses 5 core apps to record, store, and manage all of your surveillance video. Each app is feature-packed and full of tools to make managing cameras and video both quick and easy.

Surveillance Video Manager

Quickly Search for Any Video

Use the Surveillance Video Manager to specify search criteria, view and sort results, and manage your export queue.

Many Options for Search Criteria to Narrow Results

Choose from dates, cameras, media, and metadata fields to narrow your search of surveillance video.

Review / Annotate Video and Create Clips

The Media Viewer allows you to view recorded video and create annotations for that specific clip.

Customize Export Specifications for Your Needs

Export video directly to Rimage, your local machine, an FTP Site, or any other destination that you choose.

Live Viewer

View Live Camera Streams

Customize layouts and patrols to use the Live Viewer to see everything as it is happening.

Camera Controls in the Live Viewer

Use your mouse or joystick to control your cameras with Digital and Mechanical PTZ, manage patrols, and create camera layouts.

Choose from Over 30 Different Viewing Matrices

View your cameras in a variety of layouts and then save for later use.

Customize the Live Viewer

Saved User Preferences keep your Live Viewer easy to use.

Camera Policies

Manage All Cameras and Recording Schedules in One App

Keep track of all your camera recording schedules while also keeping your camera lists up to date.

Easily Add New Cameras

Automatically find cameras on your network and quickly set up schedules for recording.

Edit Camera Recording Policies

Edit information in each tab such as Metadata values, Processing options, Scheduling times, and Advanced settings.

Import / Export Camera Policies

Save, restore, and copy sets of policies from one computer to another.

Vault Admin

Vault Management

Have multiple Vaults across your network to create a safe, decentralized, and dynamic solution for managing surveillance video.

A Tabbed View of Vault Properties

Navigate through multiple tabs to view all vault properties, licensing, and diagnostic information.

Review Stats on Specific Vaults

Monitor vault avtivity, watch vault communication, and look up drive information.

Prepare Existing Media

Set up media information and control user permissions.

Data Service Policies

Create and Schedule Policies to Manage Data

Implement scheduled policies to migrate, replicate, and purge data from the information repository.

Full Control of Data and Assets

Fill out information on each tab to control where the files are coming from, where they are going, which files to include/exclude, as well as when to perform each action.

Specify which Assets to Manage

Many different selection options to make sure your jobs are complete and accurate.

Make as Many Policies as Needed

Multiple policies can be created to handle your surveillance video in the exact way that you need.