System Management

A Phoenix solution is easy to deploy and manage. The product is based on a distributed, federated architecture. It is infinitely scalable, and both clients and vaults can be installed anywhere in your network, even on the same machine. Furthermore, Phoenix recognizes storage resources (vaults) in the Information Repository as soon as they are brought on-line, so vaults may be added, moved, or removed without modification of existing policies. The solution also provides automatic load balancing and resource failover in the event that problems occur.

Phoenix is equipped with several interfaces that make everything from adding storage media to detailed monitoring of the Information Repository quick and easy.

Vault Management

Everything necessary to manage the Information Repository –such as adding media, reformatting media, taking media off-line– is provided in a single interface.

Process Monitoring

With Phoenix, it is not necessary to guess at what the system is doing. The Traffic Monitor provides a real-time view of the system in operation. At-a-glance indicators show what devices and Data Service Policies are active, what types of transactions are taking place, and operation status.

Performance Monitoring and Vault Statistics

With the Mini Vault Status Monitor and Traffic Monitor, the user can view any vault's activity and performance at any time.

With the Vault Status Monitor, the user can see all of the statistical and performance information of a single vault. The Vault Status Monitor displays everything from space availability information to loads and usage statistics for a particular drive.

Benefits provided by Phoenix System Management

  • At-a-glance activity, performance, and statistic monitoring
  • Load balanced storage environment
  • Auto discovery of storage resources
  • Automatic failover
  • Infinite scalability