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Manage Your Ever-Growing Video Surveillance Demands

SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM surveillance video and storage management software delivers ultrafast search and video playback as well as complete video lifecycle management for the unique retention needs of any size organization. Rest assured that your video is available when you need it.

Phoenix RSM metadata capabilities let you annotate the captured video so you can perform relevant, targeted searches at a later date. This customizable metadata goes way beyond just date and camera ID; you can search on an extensive list of criteria and identifiers to get more relevant search results and faster access to needed video.

The Phoenix RSM solution manages unaltered high-resolution original video and creates low-resolution companion video (at a fraction of the original size), and then implements storage policies to replicate and migrate the video to and from a storage device, automatically, with no data loss.

With Phoenix RSM software embedded on supported cameras, you can have managed recording from your cameras directly to storage. With MDTS™ (Managed Direct-to-Storage), you get more functionality and better management than plain DTS. Now you can directly manage all of your video before it even gets to your storage device.

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Just Released

Phoenix RSM, version 7.0, is now available. Check out all of the new features that are included with this version.

New Features

How do we do it?

The Phoenix Information Repository - an efficient, structured, searchable environment for managing and storing online, near-line, and offline digital assets.

Video Lifecycle Management - utilize user-defined policies to seamlessly move and manage digital assets.

Ingest - locate and identify digital assets that match policy criteria and move or replicate them.

Powerful Search Tools - find and retrieve digital assets from across the enterprise.

Effective and Efficient System Management - a system that is infinitely scalable and based on a distributed, federated architecture.

VMS Extension Solutions

Phoenix RSM is available as an extension for Exacq, Milestone, and OnSSI VMS systems to provide multi-tiered storage management.


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