Phoenix RSM™

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New Features

Version 7.0

SoleraTec's newest version of Phoenix RSM delivers surveillance video management capabilities that more and more customers in the industry are requiring. Phoenix RSM, version 7.0 is a new release that is full of new features and functionality that keep SoleraTec as a top provider for innovative video lifecycle management products.

All of the following listed features and many more can be found in the newest downloadable version of Phoenix RSM.

Faster Searching

Experience faster searching with Phoenix RSM as it searches through the entire Information Repository and produces more refined and relevant results.

Expanded Camera Support

Over 5,000 different camera models from over 320 manufacturers are supported to provide a multitude of camera choices.

Improved Logging

Extended logging capabilities and more export options allow you to quickly tag important video clips and export all of the right video.

Enhanced VMS Integration

Further integration to extend retention capabilities of major VMS's from Milestone, OnSSI, and Exacq.

Case Management

User-entered bookmarks and additional annotations of video for quick searches and improved organization.

Phoenix RSM, version 7.0, is available for download and includes a free 7-day trial. Discover the power of Phoenix RSM today!

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