WD® Sentinel™ - Phoenix RSM™

WD Sentinel Video Surveillance Management

Professional-Grade Video Surveillance

The Phoenix RSM software expands the WD Sentinel NAS unit into a professional-grade surveillance video appliance. The WD Sentinel NAS powered by SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM software, delivers exemplary monitoring, video recording, and easy, fast video playback from multiple IP cameras.

With built-in storage capacity, the archiving and retention capabilities are exceptional for surveillance video. This solution is scalable where other WD Sentinel NAS units can be easily added to its infrastructure. The centralized management capability of Phoenix RSM provides peace of mind over video management requirements as systems grow.

NVR Capabilities

The WD Sentinel NAS unit, also known as a surveillance video network video recorder (NVR) is the ideal platform to add quality network IP video cameras and create a powerful surveillance video solution. With a built-in processor and operating system, multiple RTSP-enabled IP network cameras with wide ranges of video quality and resolution can be selected, connected to a network, and managed.

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Upgrade your WD Sentinel NAS unit to a full-featured surveillance video management solution.

For a trial version of this software, click the Download button. The software comes with a seven day evaluation license. At the end of that period you can either purchase a regular license or request an extended license.

To buy the Phoenix RSM application for use with WD Sentinel NAS, please contact us. You will receive a product key to apply to the software that you download.

Your WD Sentinel NAS provides complete surveillance video management and extensive video lifecycle management capabilities.

Phoenix RSM™

Discover the software behind the WD Sentinel.

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Key Features

  • Surveillance Video Management
  • Ultrafast Search and Playback
  • Extensive Metadata
  • Export Segment Clips
  • Short- and Long-Term Retention
  • High-Quality Video
  • Create log entries for video
  • RTSP Camera Support
  • Live Viewing of Cameras
  • Save Money