Oracle and SoleraTec Video Vault

SoleraTec Video Archives and Oracle's Storage Solutions for Video Surveillance

Powered by Oracle, the SoleraTec Surveillance Video Vault delivers exceptional video surveillance recording, storage, and management in one complete end-to-end solution. The SoleraTec Video Vault solution with Oracle servers and storage provides the ability to reliably and cost effectively store video over long retention periods while maintaining continuous fast access.

A Complete Solution for Video Surveillance Archiving

The SoleraTec and Oracle solution provides you with a means to retain your video surveillance data longer while keeping up with the storage capacity required for increasing camera resolutions and frame rates. At the same time, you can reduce your storage costs. Traditionally, video surveillance data has been kept on DVRs, NVRs, or NAS storage devices, resulting in high costs and relatively short retention times. The SoleraTec and Oracle solution allows you to create low-resolution companion files for each video that are kept on disk, so all video is readily accessible, thereby minimizing cost.

In addition, the system also makes copies of the raw video and archives them to digital tape. This approach keeps high-resolution video available for long retention times while it takes advantage of low-cost digital tape technology. In addition to the archiving solution, SoleraTec provides its own video management software (VMS), while also integrating with other leading VMS such as Milestone Systems, OnSSI, and Exacq.

The Value of Oracle and SoleraTec for Digital Video Surveillance Archiving

  • Increase surveillance video retention periods: Most users keep surveillance video for short periods of time, typically 30 days or less. This is done primarily because the cost of keeping video longer is prohibitive or because the solution does not provide enough scalability to keep more data. The SoleraTec and Oracle solution enables you to cost effectively scale your video surveillance storage whether you need to retain your video for weeks, months, or years.

  • Reduce storage costs: Higher resolution cameras and higher frame rates are increasing the amount of required storage. In most cases budgets cannot keep up with this growth. With a simple and automatic way to store video on low-cost tape media, while keeping low-resolution copies online at all times, you can keep up with storage capacity growth while minimizing the amount of money you spend on storage.

  • Enable storage consolidation: It is common to store data locally at many different physical locations; for example, on individual DVRs or NAS storage devices. SoleraTec and Oracle provide a software solution that enables video surveillance data to be collected at geographically separate locations and consolidated into a single archive. This enables data from many locations to be searched, viewed, and analyzed by a single application.

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