Phoenix LVE™

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Real-Time Surveillance Camera Viewing

Phoenix LVE is a live viewing application to view live feeds directly from RTSP-enabled IP cameras. View action as it is happening with Phoenix LVE.

Phoenix LVE has the widest range of camera manufacturer and camera model support available. Currently over 320 camera manufacturers are supported and are compatible with the live viewing application.

Use Phoenix LVE to have complete control over your network of security cameras: utilize digital and mechanical (if available) pan-tilt-zoom, control the focus, create camera groups to patrol, and create and save a variety of camera layouts in the viewing matrix. You can easily auto-discover and add all of your RTSP-enabled IP network cameras from a single user interface.

Just Released

Phoenix LVE, version 6.5.3, is now available. Check out all of the new features that are included with this version.

New Features

Need a full-fledged VMS?

Phoenix LVE is the same powerful live viewing application found in our professional-grade Phoenix RSM™ surveillance video management solution.


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