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The Phoenix LVE application provides the ability to monitor and patrol various network surveillance video feeds in customizable layout configurations.

New Features

Version 6.5.3 of Phoenix LVE was recently released and is now available for download. Check out the newest features.

What's New

Live Viewer

View Live Camera Streams

Customize layouts and patrols to use the Live Viewer to see everything as it is happening in real-time.

Camera Controls in the Live Viewer

Use your mouse or joystick to control your cameras with Digital and Mechanical PTZ, manage patrols, and create camera layouts.

Choose from Over 30 Different Viewing Matrices

View your cameras in a variety of layouts and then save for later use.

Customize the Live Viewer

Saved User Preferences keep your Live Viewer easy to use.

Easily Add Cameras from your Network

The Find Cameras feature will automatically discover any RTSP-enabled IP camera on your network.

Save Camera Layouts for Later Use

Create a camera layout and then save for viewing or for use in a patrol.

Create Patrols to Simplify Monitoring

Create a patrol from a set of saved layouts and specify the amount of time to view each layout.

Manage Licenses

Easily add or change your license for the ability to add more cameras.


Try Phoenix LVE for free and see things from a different point of view.

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In Depth

Phoenix LVE is uniquely designed to support surveillance workflows. Explore Phoenix LVE on a deeper level.

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Read up on the versatility and ease-of-use of Phoenix LVE with our supplied datasheets.

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