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Manage Your Ever-Growing Pool of Digital Assets

Phoenix EXP provides an easy way to locate and retrieve archived data. This comprehensive solution empowers you to locate and retrieve files without relying on system administrators, and puts the ability to find data quickly and easily in the hands of those who are more familiar with the required data.

Phoenix EXP makes it effortless to locate an individual file or discover collective sets of data related to a particular subject. Simple queries can be built around file attributes. More complex queries can be defined using ownership, subject, and source information as well as content keywords and phrases, and file attribute information. A full suite of Boolean operators and wildcard options are available to refine the search even further. Search queries can be constrained to specific storage locations, or they can be defined to span the entire Phoenix EXP Information Repository.

Phoenix EXP manages a multi-tiered solution, meaning that it has a scalable architecture and can manage multiple storage devices. Archives are active and available when files are located online, near-line, or offline.

From ingesting your data, and searching for and retrieving stored files, you will find that with Phoenix EXP all your data management needs are met with ease.

Just Released

Phoenix EXP, version 6.5.3, is now available. Check out all of the new features that are included with this version.

New Features

How do we do it?

The Phoenix Information Repository - an efficient, structured, searchable environment for managing and storing online, near-line, and offline digital assets.

Information Lifecycle Management - utilize user-defined policies to seamlessly move and manage digital assets.

Ingest - locate and identify digital assets that match policy criteria and move or replicate them.

Powerful Search Tools - find and retrieve digital assets from across the enterprise.

Effective and Efficient System Management - a system that is infinitely scalable and based on a distributed, federated architecture.


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