Phoenix EXP™

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New Features

Version 6.5.3

SoleraTec is always working to improve the software applications that it offers to its customers. The most recent software release was for SoleraTec's production video management software: Phoenix EXP, version 6.5.3.

All of the following listed features and many more can be found in the newest downloadable version of Phoenix EXP.

Change Log

Faster Searching

Experience faster searching with Phoenix EXP as it searches through the entire Information Repository and produces more refined and relevant results.

Comprehensive Metadata

Keep track of digital assets with easy to use metadata editing and processing from ingest to export.

Easier Sharing

Save and export your search results list and metadata values which makes it easier to share with multiple users and increase productivity.

Phoenix EXP, version 6.5.3, is available for download and includes a free 7-day trial. Discover the power of Phoenix EXP today!

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