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Phoenix EXP uses 5 core apps to manage all of your digital assets. Each app is feature-packed and full of tools to make managing assets both quick and easy.

New Features

Version 6.5.3 of Phoenix EXP was recently released and is now available for download. Check out the newest features.

What's New

Search and Retrieve

Find All of your Files

Search and retrieve gives you the tools to search for any and all digital assets.

Set Retrieval Options

Choose retrieval options to export to your local machine, Rimage, an FTP site, or any other location.

Add Search Criteria

User defined metadata fields provide extra search criteria options to choose from.

Change the Display Options

View search results in a "Google-like" list format or in tree mode.

Target & Process and Target & Process Policies

Manage All Policies and Schedules in One App

Easily manage new and existing scheduled policies to backup or move data.

Easily Add New Policies

Fill out only a little information to get started with a policy and fill out the specifactions later.

Choose Files to Include or Exclude

Manually choose independent files or folders to process or set up include / exclude criteria.

Always be Notified if Another User Changes a Policy

You will be notified if any policy has been changed while you have been working with Target and Process or Target and Process Policies.

Vault Admin

Vault Management

Have multiple Vaults across your network to create a safe, decentralized, and dynamic solution for managing digital assets.

A Tabbed View of Vault Properties

Navigate through multiple tabs to view all vault properties, licensing, and diagnostic information.

Review Stats on Specific Vaults

Monitor vault avtivity, watch vault communication, and look up drive information.

Prepare Existing Media

Set up media information and control user permissions.

Data Service Policies

Create and Schedule Policies to Manage Data

Implement scheduled policies to migrate, replicate, and purge data from the information repository.

Full Control of Data and Assets

Fill out information on each tab to control where the files are coming from, where they are going, which files to include/exclude, as well as when to perform each action.

Specify which Assets to Manage

Many different selection options to make sure your jobs are complete and accurate.

Make as Many Policies as Needed

Multiple policies can be created to handle your digital assets in the exact way that you need.


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