SoleraTec products provide digital surveillance video management, video content management, production video management, data archiving, long-term archiving, and ultrafast search and playback. Each Phoenix™ product works independently.


Phoenix RSM

Phoenix RSM™

Phoenix RSM enables you to record, store, and manage your surveillance video assets while providing video lifecycle management.

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Phoenix VCM

Phoenix VCM™

Phoenix VCM is uniquely designed to support production video workflows to efficiently and effectively manage the continually growing pool of production videos.

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Phoenix DEM

Phoenix DEM™

Powerful enough to securely store, manage, and export any amount of digital evidence. Easily integrate with body-worn cameras, dash-cams, and surveillance cameras.

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Phoenix LVE

Phoenix LVE™

Phoenix LVE is an easy to install, easy to use live surveillance camera monitoring application that provides the ability to view and patrol various network surveillance camera feeds.

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Phoenix EXP

Phoenix EXP™

Phoenix EXP is a feature-rich, easy to use eDiscovery and asset management solution for all electronically stored information.

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All of SoleraTec's hardware appliances are self-contained solutions that require no third-party software.

Phoenix Thunderbird™:  Surveillance Appliances

Phoenix Thunderbird 1100

Phoenix Thunderbird™ 1100

A self-contained solution with built-in disk storage that is powered by SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM.

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Phoenix Thunderbird 3100

Phoenix Thunderbird™ 3100

A desktop appliance with removable storage for affordable short-term or long-term retention.

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Phoenix Thunderbird 4100

Phoenix Thunderbird™ 4100

A desktop appliance with 4-bays of disk storage that is powered by SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM.

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Phoenix Thunderbird 8300

Phoenix Thunderbird™ 8300

A rackmount appliance with 8-bays of disk storage and integrated LTO removable storage unit that is powered by SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM.

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Phoenix Firebird™:  Production Video Appliances

Phoenix Firebird 310

Phoenix Firebird™ 310

This self-contained solution with integrated LTO5 tape drive and RAID protected disk storage is powered by SoleraTec's Phoenix VCM.

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Phoenix Firebird 810

Phoenix Firebird™ 810

A self-contained rackmount appliance with 7TB disk storage and integrated LTO5 tape drive that is powered by SoleraTec's Phoenix VCM.

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Partner Solutions

Our partners offer complete surveillance video management solutions powered by Phoenix RSM.


Oracle Video Vault

The Oracle and SoleraTec solution delivers exceptional video surveillance recording, storage, and management in one complete end-to-end solution.

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Buffalo Surveillance Server

The Buffalo TeraStation 5000 series offers a surveillance video management platform that comes with one camera license pre-installed at no charge.

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VMS Extensions

VMS Extensions

Phoenix RSM is available as an extension for Exacq, Milestone, and OnSSI VMS systems to provide multi-tiered storage management.

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