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SoleraTec Releases Latest Version 6.3.3 Of Flagship Phoenix RSM Video Surveillance Management Software

Focusing On Speed, Performance, and Scalability Of An Extendable Retention Solution That Delivers Affordable Overarching Video Surveillance Management.

San Diego, CA — July 9, 2014 — SoleraTec LLC, provider of innovative video lifecycle management and storage products, has released version 6.3.3 of the video surveillance management software solution, Phoenix RSM™ and is now shipping this new version to the channel. Phoenix RSM 6.3.3 now delivers improved performance for numerous surveillance IP-cameras per single server as well as increases the overall per-camera throughput of each video feed.

Some of the highlights of SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM 6.3.3 include:
- Bookmarks and Video Annotations
- Case Management capabilities
- Multi-stream video feed from supported IP-cameras
- Improved Milestone and OnSSI recording server support
- Windows Server 2012 R2 support
- LTO-6 2.5-terabyte per cartridge storage support

One example of improved per-camera video feed processing is the SHA256 checksum —or digital fingerprint— routine that is now performed in assembly language to significantly improve the processing time of each video feed. Phoenix RSM 6.3.3 also supports LTO-6 data storage media at 2.5-Terabytes per cartridge, which drastically reduces video retention storage requirements.

This new release also includes additional operating system support such as Windows Server 2012 R2 in both 32- and 64-bit modes.

"Phoenix RSM 6.3.3 provides the video surveillance community with a robust and feature-rich video management solution with overarching 'Lens to Library' support in a multi-tiered video storage environment," stated Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec. "Incorporating the new features and functionality of Phoenix RSM 6.3.3 showcases the professional-grade, enterprise level, capabilities SoleraTec delivers to its users."

This release also includes new functionality allowing users to search a specific metadata search term across any and all database fields to greatly improve the relevant search results allowing users to more easily and quickly find the video of interest they are seeking.

Deeper integration with Milestone and OnSSI recording servers allow for improved longer-term video retention capabilities utilizing a multi-tiered storage infrastructure to significantly reduce video storage costs.

Another major upgrade to the Phoenix RSM solution is the new ability to process multiple video streams simultaneously from supported IP-cameras. This new ability will allow Phoenix RSM to pull an initial highest resolution possible video stream for long-term retention while at the same time pulling a low-resolution companion video stream for storage on local disk. This low-resolution companion file allows for fast search and video playback while reducing network bandwidth constraints and hard disk storage needs while being linked to the high-resolution original video for forensic and evidentiary needs.

For improved video investigation issues, Phoenix RSM now includes user-entered bookmarks that allow for the quick search of specific video of interest. Additional annotation of video for Case Management requirements provides an organizational tool to ease the burden of tracking video of interest to a specific case.

SoleraTec continues to lead the multi-tiered video storage market with Phoenix RSM and this latest version extends the capabilities, functionality, and value video operators and security professionals need in today's video surveillance management solutions.

Download an evaluation trial version of Phoenix RSM 6.3.3 at:

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