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SoleraTec Provides Comprehensive Compilation of RTSP URLs for Video Surveillance Cameras

New centralized resource allows customers of network IP-cameras utilizing the RTSP network protocol to quickly get their video surveillance cameras online and recording

SAN DIEGO, CA. - May 26, 2010 - SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative video lifecycle management (VLM) and storage software solutions, has introduced a one-stop informational website portal of network IP-camera vendors that are supporting and manufacturing video surveillance cameras with the RTSP network protocol. With the increased acceptance and utilization of the RTSP standard, more and more IP-camera vendors are including RTSP protocol support into their cameras, making it even easier to setup, configure, and capture video recordings from those cameras.

Because of the various implementations of the RTSP standard, it has been somewhat challenging for end-users with various third-party software products to find the information needed to connect via RTSP and capture video recordings. SoleraTec's online RTSP URL website resource is the most comprehensive listing available and showcases over 120 network IP-camera manufacturers and the various camera models that support the RTSP protocol. It also lists the RTSP URL needed to access the video streams on those camera models.

"Being able to take advantage of technology standards -such as the RTSP protocol- is always an advancement over individual drivers and limited camera support," stated Mark Armstrong CEO of SoleraTec. "Now software solutions and hardware equipment can easily communicate without the need for a specific driver being developed by a specific vendor. It's a great enabler for the customer," he concluded.

End-users can now visit to quickly and easily find vendors who support RTSP-enabled network IP-cameras, their camera models (if available), and the RTSP URL needed to connect and record video streams. SoleraTec continually works with network IP-camera vendors to keep the list as current and up to date as possible.

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